AM-BEING.ONLINE — does not accept payment from you for the goods of the seller on the basis of a previously concluded agreement with him.

Is not a party to your transaction with the seller and is not responsible for losses and / or damage that may arise if one of the parties to this transaction fails to fulfill its obligations.

Does not interfere with the process of your deal, but only provides a convenient interface for its execution. It is not responsible for the quality, as well as dispatch and delivery of goods.

Selection of goods:

First of all, you must understand that you are buying a product over the Internet, and you do not have the opportunity to feel and how you should consider it before buying. As practice shows, most of the misunderstandings in online purchases arise from the fact that the buyer was in a hurry and inattentively read the terms of sale, delivery or product description. Therefore, take your time, take an extra minute and carefully study all the information about the purchased product.

When choosing products, we strongly recommend:

Carefully study the product description page and make sure that this is exactly what you need. All product information is compiled by the seller. It should be clear from the description exactly what you will receive after payment. If you have any questions or doubts, be sure to contact the seller directly, since it is he who owns the full information about the product he owns. By the way, the promptness and completeness of the answer will help you form your opinion about the seller.

Draw your attention to!

Due to the various promotions, sales, bonuses and discounts from our partners, prices may differ from the prices indicated in our catalog.